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The Canadian Grenadier Guards Foundation is a Federally Registered Charity in Canada under the Income Tax Act. Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency

Its mission – to support the Regiment, retain ownership of its property, provide means of communication amongst its members and assist in the welfare of all members and former members of the Regiment and to work with communities to relieve poverty, distress and suffering and help break cycles of disadvantage.

MESSAGE FROM President of the

The Foundation aims to work with the donor community to secure the resources necessary to support activities that benefit the Regiment, its members whether in uniform or retired, and the communities in which they work and live. Your support as donors and fundraisers is both encouraged and appreciated.

On behalf of your Foundation, I sincerely thank you for your donations and support over the years and look forward to continuing our journey to support the Regiment and our communities.


Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Gourdji, MSC, CD, retired.

President, Canadian Grenadier Guards Foundation


About us

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors chaired by the Honorary Colonel. Its officers include a President, Vice-President and Secretary/treasurer elected by the board.

As a registered charity, the foundation receives donations in cash and in-kind and through bequests from members of the Regimental Family, the business community and friends of The Regiment. Donors can designate their gifts to specific projects or areas of interest.

Generally, funds are disbursed annually for their designated purpose. Funds designated for endowments by donors and those internally restricted by the Board are invested and only the investment returns expended on designated projects and events.

How we support the Regiment and the Community

While the Foundation may initiate fundraising projects, it can equally support qualified projects / activities proposed by any member of the Regimental Family

The following programs have been established:

Regimental Family Assistance Program (RFAP)

Designed to alleviate outside pressures on serving members of The Canadian Grenadier Guards Battalion and The Regimental Family, to support their ability to parade swith or otherwise assist the Regiment. The RFAP also alleviates the suffering of Canadian Grenadier Guards Veterans and other members of the Regimental Family, in conjunction with existing Veterans Affairs Canada and other chartable initiatives. The Regimental Assistance Program comprises four complementary parts:

Regimental Artefact, Acquisition, Donations and museum Upkeep

Through the Regimental Museum Asset and Archives Committee, (MAAC) the Foundation welcomes all donations of historical material to our archival collection. This can include any artifacts, memorabilia, medals, journals and other items of historical significance related to The Regiment’s involvement in global conflicts or its peacetime existence. Under Certain Conditions the Foundation can issue Charitable Canadian Tax Receipts for donations-in-kind.

The Foundation works very closely with the Regimental Museum, which is established under the authority of the CFAO’s 27-5, to encourage the donation and acquisition of artifacts and archival materials for the Regimental Museum, and to preserve all these artifacts and materials and use them for educational and historical purposes.  The Regimental Museum acts as the custodian for the Regimental memorials, artifacts and the historical collection which it holds on behalf of the Foundation. The Museum Archives and Asset Committee (MAAC) manages the Regimental Museum.

Charitable Trust Fund

Is designed to teach and to promote the theory and practice of the principles of good citizenship and co-operation; To work with communities in order relieve poverty, distress and suffering and help break cycles of disadvantage. This form of social assistance is aimed at assisting needy individuals and households.

Regimental Home-Station Improvements and Restoration Fund.

Is designed for the upkeep and restoration of the three Messes located within the armoury including the regimental memorabilia and furnishings

The mess is the home of every Grenadier (serving officer, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, and Non Commissioned member) of the Regiment including their guests and all members of the Regimental Family. It is the center of the social life in The Regiment. The Regiment consists of three messes:

  • The Officers’ Mess
  • The Sergeants’ Mess
  • The J.F. Young VC Club.

The three Messes are among the Regiment’s repositories of regimental memorabilia and furnishings demanding a high degree of respect and deference in their handling and treatment. The property of other regiments in the messes as well as the gifts of departing members shall be accorded similar deference.

Customs and traditions are the outward manifestations of our ethos and reminders of our history for one and all to see. They help to link the present to the past and serve as meaningful reminders.

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