Guardsman Basil Leblanc, 22CAR, Nov 2015

Guardsman Basil Leblanc, 22CAR, Nov 2015

“Thank you to the Regiment for all its efforts in arranging for my family and I to visit the Armoury in Montreal. I still feel the emotion generated by that event. It felt so strange ,and still does, being part of the regiment again, albeit for a short time, but actually, physically, present with the ranks. Seventy years of time is difficult to process in one’s mind but talking about those long ago events, a subject that I did not talk about much, reconstituted emotions that had long been suppressed. Seeing pictures of my Commanding Officers as I remembered them felt surreal. To put my emotions felt in words is next to impossible; the steps that led to that event are in themselves unbelievable. What was believable was the effort the Regiment,put together to honor me and for that I am eternally grateful. With everlasting gratitude”

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