Active Battalion

The active battalion of the CGG has a primary role to produce trained infanteers for our role in supporting domestic and foreign NATO and United Nations missions as well as providing a Company strength (100 pers) for ceremonial duties. The Grenadier soldiers we produce must be of quality appropriate to a Foot Guards Regiment. Our official DND website is located here.

MESSAGE FROM THE  Lieutenant Colonel Commanding

As a member of the Canadian Grenadier Guards you have the privilege of bearing the name of the most senior regiment in Canada. Besides living up to this distinguished name, we also have to maintain a reputation in keeping with that made by all those of the Regiment who served in conflict. The Regiment due to its traditions must always consider itself bound to exact discharge of all its duties more than any other Regiment. Thus the greatest activity, alertness and precision must be shown by all ranks at all times while performing our taskings as an infantry
regiment and our Public Duties for ceremonial parades.
We are after all,

Twice the Soldier.

Jose R. Nunez, MMM, CD, AdeC
Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding
The Canadian Grenadier Guards

MESSAGE FROM THE Regimental Sergeant Major

You have chosen to serve in The Canadian Grenadier Guards and as such embrace the hallmarks and traditions which embody being a Guard. Not only are expected to excel as an Infanteer, but also in any chosen trade within the Regiment. As well being a member of the Guards, it also demands the highest standards of drill, discipline and deportment – both on operation and also on the parade square representing the Regiment, the Canadian Army and the Canadian Armed Forces in general. Your watchword must be excellence; Furthermore, carrying out your duties to the best of your abilities at all times. Trust, teamwork, respect, excellence and commitment – this is the expectation, and it will be demanding as you choose to serve in one of Canada’s oldest and most senior regiments.

Cameron Stevens, MMM, CD
Chief Warrant Officer
Regimental Sergeant Major
The Canadian Grenadier Guards



In addition to a headquarters element, charged with unit level command and control and administrative matters, the active battalion comprises of four Companies

No. 1 Canada Company
Mission element

Containing only trained soldiers, charged with executing assigned tasks and providing challenging collective training

No. 2 Prince of Whales Company Mission element

Charged with providing a company strength of Grenadiers to perform Public Duties in our Nations Capital

No. 3 Hochelaga Company
Administrative element

Charged with providing administrative, financial and logistic support to unit personnel and activities

No. 4 Quebec Company
Recruiting and Training element

Containing all the units untrained personnel, and responsible for the conduct of all recruitment activities.

Key to the Cities

The Freedom of a City permits a Regiment to enter it, and to march through it “with drums beating, Colours flying, and bayonets fixed”, warlike acts granted only to those in whom the City is prepared to place great trust. The Regiment holds the Freedom of the Cities of:

  • Ottawa, granted on July 29th, 1979; and
  • Montreal, granted on December 18th, 1989;
  • Montreal, granted to all Regiments of 34 Canadian Brigade Group, May 18th 2003, and
  • Ste. Anne de Bellevue, granted on 14 July, 2006

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