The Regimental Family

Its purpose

The Canadian Grenadier Guards, as a Household Regiment, serves The Sovereign and The State through exemplary military service, promotes the reputation of the Canadian Armed Forces, positively impacts the social

fabric of Canada by developing good citizens and leaders, connects with and serves the communities where Grenadiers live and work, and inspires others through its example.

What we bring

We add value by creating synergies and cohesion between the elements and individuals of the Grenadier community.

We provide mandatory military service required to accomplish the taskings/missions directed by and assigned to The Regiment by the Canadian Armed Forces, Army chain-of-command.

We provide discretionary military service for the public, or in support of Regimental objectives.

We perform duties typical of a Household (Guards) Regiment such as:

  • Protection force for the Sovereign
  • Public ceremonial duties for the Sovereign, Governor General or in support of the State
  • Public Military Spectacle that creates a perception of the Canadian Armed Forces capability, precision and discipline that fosters pride in the Canadian population.

We foster awareness of The Regiment’s history, customs traditions and current activities and the value they provide to society, through exhibits, social events, communications, lectures and other means, in a way that promotes a positive image of The Regiment and, by extension, a positive image of the Canadian Armed Forces.

In essence, we perform all duties – military and non-military to an exemplary-standard in accordance with the values of a Household (Guards) Regiment.

We Inspire others through example


The Regimental family

“Friends” of The Regiment