Regimental Council

The Regimental Council has, as its principal role, the provision of advice, guidance and direction to the Lieutenant-Colonel on all Regimental matters, in particular those matters which touch on its standards, organization, continuity, public image and welfare.

MESSAGE FROM The Honorary-Colonel

All Grenadiers are entrusted with the legacy and reputation of the Regiment and recognize their obligation to ensure all of their actions work to preserve and enhance them. To this end, the Regimental Council has the responsibility to provide, as necessary, guidance and direction on all matters affecting the long-term well being of the Regiment and to ensure the continuity of Regimental customs and traditions.

Colonel J. Paul de B. Taillon, OMM, CD, PhD, MA, MSS, MA (RMC), awf, FRCGS, FSS (Retd)
Honorary Colonel, The Canadian Grenadier Guards

MESSAGE FROM The Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel

I am honored to be appointed as the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel to Canada’s oldest infantry regiment with strong connections to the greater Montreal metropolitan community. As one of the senior advisors to the Regiment, I will endeavor to provide guidance and direction on all matters affecting the regimental family in community engagement and outreach and look forward to collaborating with members of the Regimental Family.

Mrs. Virginia (Ginger) Petty

About us

The Regimental Council serves as the senior governing body within the Regiment. It is the chief trustee of standards, and has the ultimate responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of those standards of excellence developed in the past and needed for the future.

The Regimental Council holds the responsibility for strategic planning to address the long-term needs of the Regiment and provides the context and direction needed by the Regimental organizations to carry out their responsibilities.

The membership of Council includes all The Regiment’s past and serving Colonels, Honorary Colonels, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels and Regimental Sergeants-Major. Former Grenadiers who reach the rank of Colonel, Chief Warrant Officer or equivalent may be invited to serve as members of Council.

Presidents of the CGG Foundation and of the CGG Association, and the Chair of the Museum, Archives and Assets Committee (MAAC) also participate in Council meetings.


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