Kit Shop

A collection of Regimental accouterments and memorabilia is available at The Regimental Kit Shop located at our Home Station, The Canadian Grenadier Guards (CGG) Home Station, 4171 Esplanade, Montreal, Quebec, H2W 1S9. The Kit shop opening hours on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 10 PM, during the period September to May, by appointment and during weekend training of the battalion.

We specialize in regimentally themed merchandise for all the members of the Regimental Family and Friends.

If you have any questions or comments about the Kit Shop please don’t hesitate to drop us a note at kitshop@cgg.ca.

Our Mission is to serve all members of the Regimental Family as best we can. If you have time to volunteer let us know.
A vast selection of items are also available through our on line store below and additional items available through our special agreement with our partner CANEX at CANEX – Canada’s Military Store