Regimental Scholarships and Bursaries (RSB)

The CGG Foundation awards Regimental Scholarships and Bursaries up to a maximum bursary of $10,000.00 annually, to the most deserving applicants, subject to the availability of funds.

Serving members of the Regiment, Veterans who served in the Regiment with Distinction, its affiliated Cadet Corp and their immediate dependants who are enrolled in post-secondary education are eligible to apply.

To date, the RSB awards four types of scholarships and bursaries:

  • The J.F. Young VC Scholarship for education in the field of health sciences, post-secondary or trade courses, The Regimental Family of The Canadian Grenadier Guards.
  • The Terry Whitty Scholarship for those serving with The Canadian Grenadier Guards Cadet Corps, post-secondary studies.
  • The Canadian Grenadier Guards Association, Veteran Family Scholarship for Veterans who served with The Canadian Grenadier Guards and their Dependants, post-secondary studies.
  • The Guardsman Basil Leblanc Scholarship for Serving Members of the Canadian Grenadier Guards and their dependants, post-secondary studies.

The application form is accessible here, and is due by May 31st (June 30th for 2709 Guards Cadet Corp applicants) for the following academic year (commencing in Sept. or later).

Statement of Activities:

  • To receive, manage and disburse monies received through donations and bequests from members of the Regimental Family, the Business Community and Friends of the Regiment;
  •  To build scholarship funding which provides scholarships and/or bursaries to deserving members of the programs outlined above;
  • All scholarships will be provided on the basis of merit and bursaries on the basis of need, as determined by the Board Members of the Foundation, upon the recommendation of the Governing Board of the Regimental Family entities.