Our Museum

Our Museum is a fully accredited Regimental Museum established under the authority of the Canadian Forces Administrative Orders 27-5. The Museum works in partnership with the Director of History and Heritage. The Museum is part of the Canadian Forces Museum System.

Located at Canadian Grenadier Guards Home Station, 4171 Esplanade Avenue, Montreal, QC H2W1S9, in the Plateau Mont Royal district of Montreal.

The Museum was opened on November 25th, 1950 by His Excellency Field Marshal, The Right Honourable Viscount Alexander of Tunis, K.G., G.C.M.G., C.S.I., D.S.O., M.C., LL.D. Governor General of Canada and Honorary Colonel of the Regiment.

The Musée Canadian Grenadier Guards is home to both permanent and temporary exhibits that highlight the long and important contributions The Regiment has made towards both Canada’s, and International military history.


Come See, Come Learn, Come Experience History

The Museum Team

For more than a seventy years, the museum has assembled a truly impressive collection of military memorabilia and artifacts from 1764 right through to Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan.
Showcasing our artifacts, photos and archival documentation collections so researchers have access for their use and more important for those who want to examine life on the home front and the important accomplishments and critical role the Regiment has played during war time as well as Peace Keeping missions.

Growing our collection through donations, sharing of our Regiments history from 1764 to today.

Our Team

  • Brian Tracey Curator
  • Michael Hayes-Rivet, Collections,
  • Jesse Carlivaris, Photo Library and Archival Documentation,
  • John Dolbec, Historian


Virtual tour

Take a walk through our museum of exhibitions, explore artefacts, and immerse yourself in the Museum



Browse the online collection of the Museums most recognizable and impressive objects.


Donate Artefacts

We are always interested in acquiring new items for our collection. Of particular interest are medals, uniforms, equipment, photographs and documents relating directly to the long history of The Canadian Grenadier Guards.

We accept donations of more general military artefacts if they fit within our collection, as well as books relating to the military. We also accept some military firearms and are fully licensed to handle prohibited weapons.

If you would like to make a donation, please send us an email at MUSEUM@CGG.CA to arrange the details. Please do not drop off items at the armoury without contacting us first.

Our museum is a registered charity and is able to issue a charitable tax receipt for donations valued in excess of $100.

Make a Financial Donation:

Museum conservation & archival materials are expensive. If you are able to make a financial donation, you will be helping us to both preserve our history and to acquire rare items that occasionally appear in the collector’s market. Every donation helps. Financial donation above $20 dollars a Canadian charitable tax receipt will be issued.

Getting Here

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays 14:00 to 21:00 hrs

All other days by appointment