Regimental Promotion, October 11, 2022

The Canadian Grenadier Guards

On October 11, 2022, Guardsman Anthony Perna was promoted to the rank of Corporal at the Canadian Grenadier Guards Home Station by Captain Jonathan Lai CD, Officer Commanding Number 1 Canada Company.  Company Sergeant-Major Yves Leduc Butterworth participated in the promotion.

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Le 25 Octobre 2022, Le Guardsman Anthony Perna est promu au grade de caporal au manège des Canadian Grenadier Guards par le capitaine Manuel Jonathan Lai, CD, officier commandant la compagnie numéro 1 Canada Compagine.  Le sergent-major de compagnie Yves Leduc Butterworth a participé à la promotion.

Congratulations and continued success. Félicitations et succès continu.

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