Update – A Solemn Visit to Brookwood Cemetery, Operation London Bridge

In a very short pause from constant practice parades, the Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding, Jose Nuñez, the Sergeant-Major, Chief Warrant Officer Cameron Stevens, Sergeant Alexandre Hurtubise, Corporal Raquel Bitton and Captain Jonathan Lai paid their respects to two of our fallen Conrad’s, both members of the 22nd Canadian Armored Regiment (CGG) Guardsman J.H.G. Dodd and an unknown soldier whose markings were badly worn.  We previously noted that one of the headstones was unknown, in fact it should have been identified as Guardsman P.F. Ingwersen, who died on April 25th, 1945, at the age of 26, thank you Corporal Bitton for letting us know.

May they rest in peace! 

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2 comments on “Update – A Solemn Visit to Brookwood Cemetery, Operation London Bridge

Originally posted by Raquel Bitton on Association FB page:
“Excellent job with the website! Just one point for correction, if it can be passed to the site admins: In the article about the visit to Brookwood Cemetery, in the news section, it says that the name of one of the CGG members whose grave was visited is unknown, due to the markings being worn. The name was in fact known and it was the grave of Guardsman Ingwersen.” RIP

Thank YOU, JOHN, the post has been updated.

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